[oP] Occasional Perfection

A small, active Guild Wars 2 community.


Occasional Perfection is a small, active community who enjoy Guild Wars 2. We are based on NA servers (Sea of Sorrows for WvW). It is our goal to be an inclusive, no drama group that focuses on friendship over gear, numbers and gold.

We have members who enjoy all aspects of the game and are a true PvX community. It is important to know we are not a raid or CM guild. We may do these from time to time, but it is not our focus.

We are a small guild by choice. It gives us a chance to get to know all of our members. We only accept a few members at a time so that no one gets lost in the crowd.



Discord is our out of game hub for basically everything and an important part of our community. In addition to text and voice chat, you can find our announcements, events, and lots of resources there.

You are welcome to connect and look around. If you want to join the guild, this is where you apply. As a non-member, you can't see everything, but it gives you a place to take a closer look at us.

Join our Discord server

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We offer regularly scheduled activities a few nights of the week and leave a few open to whatever comes our way.

PvE group events rotate between things like Fractals, Strikes, Meta & World Boss Trains, Hero Point Runs, Raids, or whatever else we might want to tackle together.

We also host special events on a monthly basis. These unique experiences often have player made content and are a great way to get to know your guildies better.

Typical Schedule

Sun: PvE Group Event at 10pm ET
Tue: WvW Havoc at 10pm ET
Thu: PvE Group Event at 10pm ET

See our Discord for actual events and times.


Respect others

Be friendly, considerate and kind. We are an inclusive, drama-free group. Hopefully, we can all be adult enough to respect each other.

If a member is causing waves, it will be addressed quickly. No overly sexual language, no bigotry, no hate, no politics.

Know that your actions in game represent all of us, therefore we expect your actions to non-guildies to be equally kind.

Engage with us

We are an active community. We expect members to join with guildies, chat with us and/or participate in a guild activities regularly.

If you are going to be offline or busy for an extended period, let us know so we can keep your seat warm.

We are completely fine with multi-guilding as long as members remain an active part of our community.

Join us

If this sounds like the right place for you, it is easy enough to join us. We don't spam map chat or send invites out to just everyone we meet in game though. We really are looking for members who want to be a part of our community.

We require all members to join our Discord server and fill out a simple application. We promise it is nothing too elaborate. We need your account, the name you want to be called, etc.

If you are going to be a part of our community, you will want to be in our Discord anyway and sharing some basic info upfront, helps us get you connected to our community faster.

Application process

1. Join our Discord server.

Join our Discord server

2. Choose "I'm interested in joining oP" to the initial question and have a look around.

3. In the #join-op channel is the link to our simple application form. Click it and fill it out.

4. An officer will be in touch in game after we have your application to get you connected.